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10 days ago

Kimberly custom-designed one of her Father’s Day cards to have more relevant wording for my relationship with my Grandpa. She got it done quickly, and I could not have been more pleased. It was well-worth the $3 I spent. She offers beautiful e-cards, but the wording may not be exactly fitting for what you want to express. In that case, I would recommend that you find a design you like and have her revise the wording to be more personalized. It was a really cool experience, and I will be recommending her personable and timely e-card service to whomever I can.

11 days ago

Kimberly was great! I found a card that I really liked, but even though the writing was awesome, the wording did not exactly fit what I wanted to express. So, I told her what I would like to be changed, which was just a few lines. She not only changed the wording, but also made it sound more eloquent than I expected, and she made it all rhyme with the other lines, which I found impressive. Not only that, but she returned the revised card within 30 minutes, and it was perfect. All of that for the same $3! Kimberly’s service is amazing, and so is her talent!

Thank you for your review!